DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE are Grippy (bass), Juicy (guitar), Nooks (drums), and One Slice (throat, and nasty remarks about stupid audiences). Deadbodies play very aggressive no bullshit, hard grinding, sludge induced, corpse vomiting, alcohol abuse, poser thrashing, human bashing, cum in your pants core. It has been stated that the roots of this grinding machine started in San Jose under a black cloud. It's from this cultural wasteland, at the heart of Silicon Valley, that two dead bodies met in hopes of forming one dead body that was everywhere. By doing so, Juice and Nooks-- two parole-violating brothers who suffered years of abuse at the hands of the Man --could now finally move forward to pursuing their ultimate dream of bruising eardrums and cracking skulls. When it came time to pick a singer, they instantly called upon their mutual friend One Slice-- the angriest Mac alive. Once armed with a one-sliced, mouth wielding, shrieking display of terror-- they found the perfect match with Grip. This bass flossing, low-end theorist had a knack for writing song's that made girls cry from disgust. So they picked him, naturally. In the early days of '95, they locked the doors to their SF studio and emerged with a demo tape that floored Smoking Bomb Tom, Trainwreck Studios' owner/operator. As their epidemic spread, bodies started collapsing from being trapped under the weight of one of the loudest and heaviest bands ever. After struggling to find a perfect fifth dead body-- someone who would tell them to do it over again --they called into action a man who knew guerilla warfare tactics at the helm. Bart Thurber, the demon-fingered mad scientist of House of Faith Studios, Oakland, CA was responsible for recording the fruits of their endless hours of bowl smoking, beer swilling, and song writing jam sessions. Now, some years later, the band still plays on, well almost. As a regular headliner on the Northern California wake circuit, there isn't a 'recently deceased' party they haven't played yet. With a Major US tour and a slew of mini tours under their belt, they plan on keeping the Freedom Rock freight train rolling to pull some songs out of their ass and record again. If you have any pictures or live recordings of the band, drop them a line cause they would like to hear from you.