Ah finally "Buy A Bullet, Rent A Gun is out on One Slice's Intolerant Messiah label. It also featuresa handful of live videos that can be played on pc or mac. Get it now, now, now!!!!!!!!!!


Added the Action Packer guestbook today. sign that shit or DIE!


Added the Action Packer Wallpaper to the exclusives section today. As for the new DBE release, it has five songs and is going to be released on cd on Crop Circle Records (a vinyl release is doubtful).


Added a new sound section today with wavs from the split 7"s with Noothgrush and Utter Bastard.


Here's a little info about the upcoming and final cd: It's going to be called "Buy A Bullet, Rent A Gun (It's Over). It will be an enhanced cd with live clips from shows. I'm not positive but I think it's going to be released on One Slice's new label, Crop Circle Records. One Slice has started a band called Burn Victim with Trent from Alien Autopsy.


Today is a sad day in grindcore. I just got the news from Grip that the band has broken up. I recieved this statement from him:
As of three weeks ago dbe officially broke up. This saddens me like you wouldn't believe. I won't go into details about it but it was a long time coming and couldn't have been avoided any longer."


Nothing much going on with the site right now. Added a new main graphic on the front page today.


I added a link today to a live video from deathstock 2001 from the Death Metal Madness Zine. It's the full set but the audio is shit. Thanks to Grip for the link.


Added the exclusive neckbrace video for stream and download to the exclusives section.


Added another picture from Deathstock 2001 in the epicenter that I just recently found.


Added a pic of deadbodies live at deathstock 2001 in Chico, CA. In this pic you can get a good look at one slice's hangman mask.


I just got word today from Grip that he's creating an exclusive live video from their latest tour for Action Packer.


Added a shitload of info about the utter bastard split 7" to the discography section. I now have everything in the discography section except for a picture of the split. Hopefully I will have it scanned soon.


Added a links section today for you to indulge yourself in.


Finally added a hit counter today. I also added two more reviews that I've just found to the reviews section and some more info in the discography section.


Added my exclusive interview with Grippy and One Slice today. Also added new graphics. And more info on the Noothgrush split in the discography section.


An update has been well over due. Added a couple new things today. As for the band, they just got off touring and have five unreleased songs entitled, "bullshit life", "brass ring scheme (aka calculus)", "sitting on the edge of nothing", "buy a bullet rent a gun", and "talon cyst." Expect a new album hopefully by the end of the year. It is tentatively entitled, "Buy A Bullet, Rent A Gun" according to the official Necropolis Records web site .


Added the Live Video section today with three live dbe videos from November To Dismember. I also added the "Reviews" (think about it).


Action Packer is born and here to stay!